Life Groups


Singles/ Marrieds
Location: Capelle Household- Aubrey
Time: 6:00 PM Day: SAT
Leaders: Nick & Angie Capelle
Childcare: Yes
Location: On Campus
Time: 6:00 PM Day: SUN (Bi-Weekly)
Leaders: Scott & Heather Harrison
Childcare: Yes
Location: Quin Household- Pilot Point
Time: 5:30 PM Day: SAT (2nd & 3rd)
Leaders: George & Nancy Quin
Childcare: No
Middle Aged Married W/ Grown Kids
Location: Ensminger Household- Aubrey
Time: 6:30 PM Day: SUN (1st & 3rd)
Leaders: Jerry & Lana Ensminger
Childcare: No
Location: Fuller Household- Crossroads
Time: 6:00 PM Day: SUN (Bi-Weekly)
Leaders: Todd & Amy Witte
Childcare: Yes
Location: Major Household- Oak Point
Time: 6:00 PM Day: SUN (2nd & 4th)
Leaders: Chad & Kate Major
Childcare: No
Multi-Generational (Bible 101)
Location: On Campus (Kenny’s Office)
Time: 6:15 PM Day: WED
Leaders: Jimmy Green
Childcare: Yes

Sunday Classes



Empty Nesters/ Parents of teens – Bruce & Julie Walker – Room D102 (9:30 AM)
Multi-generational – Dean & Heather Eiland – Room A105 (9:30 AM)
Senior Adults (55+) – Steve & Dawn Womble – Room D101 (9:30 AM)
Single Ladies – Jean Kinney – Room A102 (9:30 AM)
Young Families Class – Matt & Emily Saller – Room A101 (9:30 AM)
Young Marrieds Class – Alex & Connie Sedach – Room A101 (11 AM)
Young Adults Class – Chris Todd – Room D102 (11 AM)
Baptism Class – see Kennny Guthrie (9:30 AM)

Location: A101 Time: 5:30 AM Day: TUE Leaders: Kenny Guthrie & Dean MacElroy Childcare: No
Location: A101 Time: 6:00 AM Day: THU Leaders: Mark Price Childcare: No
Location: Johnny Warren Home (Pilot Point) Time: 6:30 PM Day: WED Leaders: Kenny Guthrie Childcare: No
Location: A101 Time: 5:30 AM Day: FRI Leaders: Jerry Ensminger & Dean MacElroy Childcare: No



Location: Erlichman House- on Campus
Time: 7:30 PM Day: TUE
Leaders: Anna Erlichman
Childcare: No


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